Doctors & RFA

Dr. Shatul Parikh

NW ENT and Allergy Center, Atlanta, GA

Ph:770-427-0388 – Ask For Emily (Dr Parikh Scheduler)

Dr Richard B. Guttler

Thyroid Center of Santa Monica, CA

Ph: (310) 393-8860

Kathleen Hands

Thyroid & Endocrine Center of South Texas

Phone: (210) 491-9494

Dr. Jon Russell / Dr. Ralph Tufano

Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland

Ph: 410-955-3628 – Ask for Siobhan Allmendinger

Dr. Richard Harding MD

Harding General Surgery, Phoenix, AZ

Ph: 602-889-2924 – Ask For Kathleen

Dr. Brian Michaels

Adams Endocrinology, Gettysburg, PA

Ph: 717-287-0430 – Ask For Randi Bucher

Dr. Edward Condon

Condon Medical PC, Long Island, NY

Ph: 516-226-0733

Dr. Saka Kazeem

J Elk Medical, Brooklyn, NY

Ph: 718-577-5311

Dr. Keith Forwith

Advanced ENT and Allergy, Louisville, KY

Ph: (502) 893-0159 – Ask for Nicole Hardy

Dr. Lisa A. Orloff and Dr. Julia Noel

Stanford, Palo Alto, CA

Ph: 650-498-6000 – Ask for Jeanny

Joshua Rosenthal

Quantum Thyroid, Northport, NY

Ph: 410-955-3628 – Ask for Siobhan Allmendinger

Dr. Simon Wright

Iowa ENT, Des Moines, IA

Ph: (515) 223-4368 – Ask for Andi Myott